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Her Captain His Mermaid Chair Sign, Wedding Decorations



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Our elegant, laser cut Her Captain, His Mermaid wedding chair signs are the must have decor. They make a great way to decorate your wedding reception chairs that will serve as a lasting and meaningful memento for years to come! These are also a great photo prop and can be used for photos of the bride and groom sitting at their sweetheart table or holding them standing.

[ Dimensions ]
“His Mermaid” Chair Sign
♡ Width (of text): 14″ inches wide
♡ Height (of text): 6″ inches tall

“Her Captain” Chair Sign
♡ Width (of text): 13″ inches wide
♡ Height (of text): 8″ inches tall

*These chair signs are scaled to each other, the dimensions are slightly off because the words have different number of letters
*Dimensions are approximated in inches
*Width of the Text is measured from left to right at the widest points, including swashes (decorative extension of letters). Height of the Text is measured from top to bottom at the highest and lowest points.

[ Specifications ]
MADE FROM WOOD in 1/4” thickness,
*MDF Wood when you select a Colored finish

Additional information


Unpainted Wood, White, Black, Rose Gold, Gold, Silver, Gold Glitter, Silver Glitter, Brown Rustic


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